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Lamb Shoulder Roast

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One of the larger cuts of lamb, the shoulder roast is known for being flavorful and lean. Bone-in shoulder roasts are available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Most cuts will thaw in the refrigerator within 24 hours. Once thawed, use within 5 days. Unused, uncooked portions may be refrozen within 3-4 days of thawing.

Need it faster? Submerge sealed package in cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes until fully thawed, approx. 1-3 hours. Use immediately & do not refreeze.

While not recommended, you may thaw in the microwave using the defrost setting (microwave ovens vary; refer to your model’s user manual). Use immediately and do not refreeze.


Pasture raised, grass-fed lamb as clean as it comes. No hormones, preservatives, or other funny business.


Every package of responsibly-sourced lamb is USDA inspected and flash-frozen at peak freshness.


We work with small farms in & around Idaho to bring you the best, most delicious domestic lamb available.

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Why is American Ostrich Farms selling lamb? It's a fair question; allow us to explain. 

For most of us, a healthy, balanced diet consists of a wide variety of foods consumed in moderation. While we love the leanness of ostrich, sometimes our bodies want - and need - fat. Lamb is a rich source of dietary fat, along with a number of other important vitamins and minerals. It also happens to be delicious. 

We source our lamb from other family farms in our community, partnering only with those who share our commitment to sustainability, humane animal husbandry, and producing only the cleanest, unadulterated products (i.e. grass-fed, no hormones or additives). Our partners responsibly graze their livestock, practicing rotational grazing that traps carbon in the soil and has a regenerative effect on the land. These partnerships -- wherein small producers are able to leverage our USDA-inspected facility, ‘farm-to-freezer’ distribution capabilities, and existing customer base –- allow us to support fellow American farmers contributing to a more sustainable, ethical & resilient food system. 


American Ostrich Farms champions responsible red meat consumption & prioritizes humane treatment and sustainable practices. Rooted in authentic All-American values, we deliver exceptional experiences, from packaging to flavor, setting the benchmark in the market. We're more than a meat producer; we're a promise of unmatched quality and a commitment to positive change.