ostrich eggshell half
ostrich eggshell half
two ostrich eggshell halves
ostrich eggshell on bookshelf

Ostrich Eggshells [Set of HALVES]

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Eggshell halves are sterilized and sizes will vary significantly. Each order will include three (3) 1/4 to 3/4 shells. Broken shells make for a unique craft project - dinosaur eggs, bowls, unlimited creative uses!


Ostrich eggshells vary in size, based on the age of the hen, nutrition, and other factors.  We class them into the following categories.

  • Large: Up to 13-14" circumference and 4.5"-5.5" long.
  • Extra Large: 14-16" circumference and 5.5"-6.5" long.
  • Jumbo: Over 15" circumference and over 6.5" long.