Ostrich Eggshells [DISCOLORED - perfect for Easter coloring + painting!]

Real, 100% American, ostrich eggs - blown out, sterilized, and with an 11/16" hole on one end.

"Discolored" eggs are exactly as described ;)  These are otherwise great quality eggs, but the coloring and sometimes the finish/sheen is not as beautiful as on our other eggs.  For that reason, we offer these discolored ones at a discount and recommend them to our artistic friends looking for a not-perfectly-blank canvas ;)

Eggshells become discolored for several reasons, including hen genetics, egg sat in a puddle before collection, or our bleach bath simply couldn't get it clean - even after multiple sterilizations.  As we cannot guarantee any specific type of discoloration, we recommend painting them, but we still think they're super cool in their natural state.  Remember, like snowflakes, every ostrich egg is different!

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