Ostrich Eggshells [Natural Discoloration]

Real, 100% American, ostrich eggs - blown out, sterilized, and with an 11/16" hole on one end.  

"Large" Size: 13-14" circumference and 4.5"-5.5" long.

"Extra Large" Size: 14-16" circumference and 5.5"-6.5" long.

"Premium Sheen" eggs have a smooth, sometimes shiny, sheen, and are off white in color.  

"Matte" eggs have a whiter color, more coarse finish, and a texture that can sometimes be described as mildly "chalky".

"Naturally Discolored" eggs are exactly as described!  These are otherwise great quality eggs, but the coloring and/or the finish/sheen is not as beautiful as on our other eggs.  For that reason, we offer these discolored ones at a significant discount and recommend them to our artistic friends looking for a not-perfectly-blank canvas or those who want a more "unique" eggshell.

Eggshells become discolored for several reasons, including hen genetics, egg was submerged in a puddle before collection, or our bleach sanitizing bath simply couldn't get the color uniform - even after multiple sterilizations.  We cannot guarantee any specific type of discoloration - we think they're super cool in their natural state.  Remember, like snowflakes, every ostrich egg is different!


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