Ostrich Sample packages - Steaks & Burgers

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Ostrich is a healthy red meat that is low in fat, rich in flavor, and tastes like premium beef - NOT chicken!  ;)

4-pound Sample package includes:
- 1 pound of Ostrich Steak Strips
- 12-16oz Tenderloin
- 1 pound Ground Steak Burgers 
1 pound Gourmet Ground Ostrich Steak

6-pound Sample package includes:
- 1 pound of Ostrich Steak Strips
1 pound Top Loin

- 1 pound Ostrich Tips
- 1 pound Ground Steak Burgers 
- Two (2) 1-pound packages of Gourmet Ground Ostrich Steak

Whole steak cuts are ground to make burgers that are super tender and easy to cook.  Gourmet Ground Ostrich Steak is extremely versatile and can be substituted in virtually any recipe in place of ground beef, bison, venison, pork, and more.

The Healthiest Red Meat: The highest quality: All our ostrich meat is 100% whole muscle cuts taken directly from the body of the ostrich. Every cut of ostrich meat is USDA inspected and flash-frozen at peak freshness.

Humanely raised: Ostriches are fed a vegetarian diet of the highest quality, locally-sourced feeds. We don’t use hormones, antibiotics, or anything else that isn't perfectly aligned with human and animal health.

All-American: American Ostrich Farms ensures that every ostrich is born, raised, humanely harvested, and packaged in the great state of Idaho. We uphold beyond-organic standards and strive to continually improve those standards.

Classic Grilled Ostrich Burger: Fire up the grill any time of the year, in any weather, for this awesome burger :)

Grilled Tenderloin: The perfect filet for marinating and grilling.  There are so many types of vegetables and sauces that go wonderfully with this cut, you can’t go wrong.

Ostrich Tip Roast: an impressive, easy-to-cook roast – perfect for your special family dinners.

Click here to visit our full Recipe Library for detailed ingredient lists, preparation instructions, pro tips, and the inspiration and confidence to wow your lucky dinner mates!

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