Ostrich meat looks & cooks like premium beef or bison.
It is tender, richly flavored & never gamey.

Delicious & Healthy

Top chefs prize ostrich for its umami flavor & tender mouth feel. Packed with protein, iron, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids, ostrich satisfies red meat cravings with less fat & less bloat than other red meats.

100% Natural

Our ostriches are fed locally sourced, alfalfa-based feed that is tailored to their unique biology. Each ostrich has room to roam in open fields, where they are allowed to grow at the rate nature intended. We never use steroids or artificial growth promoters.

Best Quality

We hatch, raise, and harvest on our family-run farm in Idaho, allowing us to ensure top quality and consistency every step of the way. We offer the widest variety of cuts & are the USA's most trusted source of ostrich meat.

Always Fresh

All of our premium meat products are packaged & flash frozen at peak freshness at our very own USDA-inspected facility. Our shipping experts ensure they are kept in this prime state all the way from our farm to your doorstep.

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Part of regular menu rotation. So tender.

Matt K. | Private Chef, Malibu

The flavor is in my opinion better than beef and the benefits are numerous.

Chris H. | Customer since 2021

The best anywhere - great flavor, always fresh and delicious. Bravo!

Nickie D. | Customer since 2020

"Much more flavorful than beef. Ostrich is red meat at its best."

Bruce K. | Customer since 2018

Elevate Any Recipe

Discover a more tender & flavorful way to enjoy the classics. Ostrich can be substituted in any recipe that calls for beef or other red meat. It's mild flavor pairs well with all of your favorite spices, marinades, and rubs.  

Less Time Cooking

Ostrich meat is very lean, which means it cooks more quickly than other meats; generally 1/3 less time than beef. Ostrich steaks are best served medium-rare. To avoid overcooking, we recommend ostrich burgers be cooked no more than medium.

Goodbye Shrinkage

Due to its low fat content, ostrich doesn't shrink when you cook it. That means, pound for pound, you're getting more meat for your money & won't need to eat as much to feel full. A 1/4-lb ostrich burger eats like a 1/3-lb beef patty.

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Popular Recipes

Fan Fajitas

The fan is the most tender and versatile cut on an ostrich. The thinner, flatter end of this steak is called the bottom fan and is our favorite for fajitas.

Ostrich Burgers

Say goodbye to dried out burgers with the help of a flat top. Using a griddle in lieu of a grill preserves as much moisture and flavor as possible.

Ostrich Kebabs

Ostrich thigh meat is the star of these kebabs. This simple recipe comes together in a flash. Use our pre-cut stew/kebab meat for even more convenience.