Surprisingly similar in look and taste to beef or bison, ostrich is more approachable than you think. Learn more about the unique benefits of this clean, wholesome red meat.

ostrich is red meat that tastes like lean beef

Familiar Flavor You Already Love

Ostrich looks, tastes, and eats like a premium cut of grass-fed beef.

Lower in fat & cholesterol than most 
other meats, and higher in iron than beef.

Lean & Healthy Protein

Lower in fat & cholesterol than most other meats, and higher in iron than beef.

Pound for pound, ostrich requires 
much less land, feed & water beef does.

A More Sustainable Red Meat

Pound for pound, ostrich requires a fraction of the land, feed & water beef does.

ostrich primal muscle cuts

Ostrich Meat 101

Find the Perfect Cut for Your Next Culinary Adventure

raw ostrich oyster filet on a cutting board with mushrooms and herbs

Prized by chefs and foodies, these are the most tender, premium cuts available. Ideally suited to grilling and searing, as well as sous vide cooking.

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sliced ostrich fan filet with peppers and onions

These flavorful steaks are perfect for grilling. Pair with your favorite marinade or rub the next time you fire up the barbecue.

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rack of ostrich ribs cooked on the barbecue

Leaner than some, these cuts are best prepared in the crock pot, pressure cooker, or using another slow-cooking method.

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netted ostrich roast in a dutch oven with root vegetables

Take Sunday supper to the next level with these tender, savory roasts. The secret to perfection is a low and slow approach.

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raw ground ostrich on butcher paper with salt and pepper

Naturally lean and made without any added fat or fillers, ground ostrich and AOF burger patties are a clean, wholesome alternative to beef & bison.

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ostrich hen with eggs

Hatch-to-Harvest Traceability

The vast majority of our birds spend their entire life on the farm, where we can tend every aspect of their health & wellbeing with utmost care & respect. With the 2022 addition of our on-site, USDA-inspected processing facility, American Ostrich Farms has closed the loop on our "hatch to harvest" supply chain.

Our products travel directly from our farm to your freezer, allowing us to guarantee AOF ostrich steaks, roasts & filets are the finest, freshest, and most consistent on the market.

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American Ostrich Farm's resident chef, Mark

Cooking Tips from Chef Mark

Please Note: Our ostriches are allowed to develop as nature intended - on their own time, with no artificial growth promoters, steroids, or other funny business. Because each bird is unique in its size & build, and all of our steaks are cut by hand, slight variation will occur.

All package weights are approximate.

Order your holiday ostrich & lamb by Sunday 12/17 to receive your items in time for Christmas dinner.

Please note: Due to UPS & FedEx holiday closures - and to ensure your order arrives in peak condition - frozen products will not ship to Zones 3+ until the week of 11/27.