Susan Farmer



Meet Suzy, your culinary maverick for all things exotic and unusual. Suzy has made a name for herself by fearlessly experimenting with uncommon ingredients, transforming them into mouthwatering dishes that defy convention. When we introduced ostrich meat to Suzy, she worked her magic, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary. Suzy's creative flair and culinary prowess make her the ultimate go-to for culinary adventures that push the boundaries of flavor and imagination.

Q & A

What’s your current favorite recipe?

Pork and corn pot stickers - anything with corn really!

What's the best way to eat ostrich?

Best way to eat ostrich is like a steak! I love reverse searing then basting in garlic butter.

Your Favorite side dish?

My favorite side dish at the moment is butternut squash mash.

Advice for Aspiring Home Chefs?

When in doubt, use a thermometer.

Suzy's Favorite Cuts

Brined Ostrich Leg


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