“Every American deserves a healthier option— a delicious & more enlightened red meat — for themselves AND the planet.”

— Alex McCoy, Founder & CEO


American Ostrich Farms is driven by excellence, forward-thinking, and ethical practices. We champion responsible red meat consumption and prioritize humane treatment and sustainability. Rooted in authentic All-American values, we combine tradition and innovation in our vertically integrated value chain. We deliver exceptional experiences, from packaging to flavor, setting the benchmark in the market. We're more than just meat; we're a promise of unmatched quality and a commitment to positive change.


Alexander McCoy is the Founder of American Ostrich Farms and has served as the CEO from inception. An Idaho native, Mr. McCoy spent his early career in investment banking and venture capital before assuming various roles in public and private international finance.

In South Africa in 2012, McCoy first encountered ostrich – the perfect food for a lifelong carnivore, athlete, and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. Since recognizing the potential for ostrich to become a mainstream animal protein, McCoy has positioned his company to become the global leader in vertically integrated ostrich production.

When McCoy isn't working to redefine the American conception of red meat, he can usually be found hiking, biking, or skiing in the Idaho mountains with his wife and three young daughters.


Our flagship farm sits in the heart of Idaho's Snake River Plain on 120 acres of native grasses and sagebrush. Here, our ostriches enjoy open spaces and an arid climate similar to that of their native range. Staffed by a team of experienced handlers, birds are incubated, hatched, and raised with the highest standards of care and respect.

With a state-of-the-art USDA processing facility on site, we can ensure no corners of our Hatch to Harvest operation are cut, maintaining the integrity of our humane handling, product quality, and traceability standards.



American investment banker Alex McCoy arrives in South Africa with Citi’s Global Leadership Program. Leisure time is spent training for his first full length IRONMAN Triathlon. McCoy’s efforts are fueled by a diet of chicken breast and hard boiled eggs.


Weary of an athlete’s diet, McCoy orders a steak to satisfy his red meat craving. The steak is ostrich - and it is delicious. An hour after eating, McCoy runs his fastest 16 miles. Research reveals ostrich is known to be remarkably healthy & nutrient dense. McCoy learns production requires fewer resources than other commercially-available red meat sources.


Finding ostrich meat largely unavailable in the United States, McCoy returns to his home state of Idaho, determined to change that. He leaves his career in finance and establishes a new company - American Ostrich Farms.


McCoy purchases a 120-acre horse property in Idaho’s Snake River Plain, moving into the ranch house with his wife, Lauren. With leather gloves and much determination, McCoy begins to retrofit the farm, which receives its first birds in October.


Year One produces a successful hatch & American Ostrich Farms is ready to change the way Americans eat red meat. McCoy launches a Kickstarter project that exceeds its funding goal in under six weeks and the company hires its first employees. Image ideas: kickstarter video still?


American Ostrich Farms launches its online store and begins selling ostrich meat to customers across the United States. The company continues to develop the ranch property to accommodate its growing flock. All natural pet treats and skin care lines undergo R&D.


American Ostrich Farms is invited to multiple business accelerators, including The Chipotle Alluminaries Project, for which AOF is identified as driving toward a "Future of Food with Integrity.” The company brings on its first restaurant clients.


McCoy opens the doors of Sustainable Meats, LLC - an onsite state-of-the-art USDA processing facility - with the help of funding awarded by Sun Valley Institute for Resilience. American Ostrich Farms becomes one of the country’s few vertically integrated livestock producers, promising unprecedented quality control and is named Best Alternative Red Meat Producer - US.


American Ostrich Farms begins servicing large wholesale accounts, making The Healthy Red Meat more readily available to American consumers than ever. McCoy and his company continue to be featured in print, on air, and on television programs across the nation.

The Future

A major expansion of Sustainable Meats is underway and will complete in 2024. It will double the facility’s capacity and allow American Ostrich Farms to launch new products that give Americans healthier alternatives to favorites like sausage, meat sticks, and jerky.