Freeze-dried Ostrich Eggs [SMALL BAG]

Small bag = equivalent of 2 large chicken eggs!  But... these are ostrich ;o

Highly Nutritious: Great source of easily digestible protein, riboflavin, & selenium
Single ingredient: 100% Idaho-raised ostrich egg. It's scrambled, baked, freeze-dried, and packaged - that's it!  No preservative, no fillers.
Humanely raised:
 fed a vegetarian diet of the highest quality feeds; no hormones or antibiotics EVER 

All-American: Born, raised, and humanely harvested on our solar-energy-powered, environmentally sustainable farm outside Boise, Idaho

FEEDING: Adding ostrich eggs to your pet's diet is a highly nutritious treat.  For pets prone to digestive upset, eggs can provide a palatable & much-needed protein boost.  Feed right out of the bag or partially rehydrate by adding warm (not boiling!) water.

STORAGE: No preservatives here!  For freshness, reseal bag after each use.  If rehydrated, refrigerate and use within a week.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Crude protein (min) 45%; crude fat (min) 35%; crude fiber (max) 0%; moisture (max) 4%.

WHY OSTRICH?  It's the most sustainable red meat protein in the world.  Pound for pound, ostrich production requires dramatically less water, land, and feed and they emit only a fraction of the greenhouse gases as traditional livestock.  Pet foods are just one of many premium products from this amazing animal - we don't waste ANYTHING!

0.7 oz package.  While delicious, this is a wholesome food for pets and not labeled or intended for human consumption ;)

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