Lamb Lovers

$149.00 USD

A mouthwatering collection of grass-fed Idaho lamb, sourced from sustainable family farms. This box provides a variety of cuts so you can enjoy different flavors and preparations.


American Ostrich Farms


  • 2 Packages of Grass-Fed Lamb Leg Steaks (2 steaks per pack, approx 1.5 lbs each pack) - Tender, flavorful bone-in steaks that are delicious cooked on the grill, pan seared, or slow cooked.
  • Grass-Fed Lamb Shoulder Steaks (2 steaks, approx 1.25 lbs total weight) - These bone-in steaks require less cooking time than other lamb cuts, making them a good option to grill or sear over higher heat.
  • Grass-Fed Lamb Loin Chops (4 chops, approx 1.4 lbs total weight) - The quintessential lamb chop. Prized for their premium flavor, loin chops are both tender and lean. Our 1.25" thick chops come in packages of four. 
  • Grass-Fed Lamb Riblets (approx 1.75 lbs total weight) - Best broiled, barbecued or braised, lamb riblets are cut from the breast, which is one of the fattiest - and therefore most flavorful - parts of the animal.
American Ostrich Farms


Why is American Ostrich Farms selling lamb? It's a fair question; allow us to explain.

For most of us, a healthy, balanced diet consists of a wide variety of foods consumed in moderation. While we love the leanness of ostrich, sometimes our bodies want - and need - fat. Lamb is a rich source of dietary fat, along with a number of other important vitamins and minerals. It also happens to be delicious; compared to imported lamb, grass-fed Idaho lamb is pleasantly mild.

We source our lamb from other family farms in our community, partnering only with those who share our commitment to sustainability, humane animal husbandry, and producing only the cleanest, unadulterated products (i.e. grass-fed, no hormones or additives). Our partners responsibly graze their livestock, practicing rotational grazing that traps carbon in the soil and has a regenerative effect on the land. These partnerships -- wherein small producers are able to leverage our USDA-inspected facility, ‘farm-to-freezer’ distribution capabilities, and existing customer base –- allow us to support fellow American farmers contributing to a more sustainable, ethical & resilient food system. 

American Ostrich Farms


Many of our first time customers have never had meat shipped directly to their door. These are some of the most common questions we receive about shipping.

Is the meat frozen?
Our meats are flash-frozen immediately after harvest and remain 100% airtight in a state of deep freeze until shipment, at which time they are carefully packaged with sufficient dry ice and renewable insulation to maintain our very high standards of food safety during shipment.

We calculate the amount of dry ice and insulation to use in every package based on the shipping address, shipping service, and the weather likely to be experienced en route to your door.

What if my meat thaws in transit?
While we strive to ensure every order arrives fully frozen, carrier delays do happen. The important thing to remember is that upon arrival, as long as the meat is still cold to the touch, it is perfectly safe and appropriate to put right into your freezer, or fully thaw to cook.

American Ostrich Farms


Buying frozen meat means you will have the extra step of thawing your meat but we promise, thawing is easy! The three options below are the safest, easiest methods to get fresh meat from the freezer to your plate.

  • Pull your filets or ground meat out of the freezer a day ahead of time and give it at least 24 hours in your refrigerator. A pound should take no longer than a day to fully thaw; our larger roasts over 2.5 lbs can take up to 3 days. Once thawed, meat is safe to use for at least 5 days.
  • Craving meat for dinner but forgot to pull it out to thaw? Thawing in cold water is much faster than the refrigerator, but requires more attention. This method requires a waterproof package or bag to keep water out of your meat. Once thawed, it is recommended that the meat be used right away and not refrozen prior to cooking.
  • While we don't recommend it, thawing in the microwave might be your best option if you're in pinch, as it's the fastest thawing method there is. Always cook immediately after thawing and do not refreeze prior to cooking.


Lamb As Nature Intended

You won't find any factory farm raised lamb here. Our pasture raised, grass-fed lamb is as clean as it comes, with no hormones, preservatives, or other funny business.

The Highest Quality

Every package of meat is USDA inspected and flash-frozen at peak freshness.

All-American & Sustainable

We source our lamb from small farms in and around Idaho that share our commitment to sustainability and humane handling.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. 

American Ostrich Farms


Raising ostriches requires 1/3 the fresh water, 1/50th the land, and generates 1/10th the greenhouse gas emissions of cattle.

American Ostrich Farms


Our sustainable facilities, locally sourced feed, and systems to convert waste into chemical-free compost are just a few of the ways we conserve resources.

American Ostrich Farms


We utilize every possible byproduct and are continually looking for innovative ways to achieve a net-zero impact on the environment.

American Ostrich Farms


We go to great lengths to ensure our flock is healthy, happy, and humanely handled from hatch to harvest.