AOF Wins 2021 Pet Innovation Award

aof wins 2021 pet innovation award

American Ostrich Farms (AOF) has been named a winner of the 2021 Pet Independent Innovation Awards.  The annual awards program recognizes companies and brands that are revolutionizing and advancing the Pet Industry through exceptional goods, services, and technology.  AOF is honored to have been selected from among over1,250 nominees to this year’s competition, joining the ranks of PetSmart, Kong, Bark Box, Purina, and other previous winners.

“We are thrilled for one of our products to be chosen as the Dog Food Freeze Dried Product of the Year,” says AOF Founder and CEO, Alex McCoy. “We are a small, family-operated business, so to be commended by one of the industry’s most robust recognition platforms for innovation and leadership in the pet space really validates that what we’re doing is important and impactful.”

American Ostrich Farms handcrafts 100% natural, preservative-free pet treats made with humanely handled and sustainably raised ostrich meat and eggs.  Ostrich is a red meat, similar in taste and texture to beef, but with a much smaller environmental impact, as well as unique health benefits for both humans and their pets.  Ostrich is much lower in fat than beef, higher in protein and iron, and significantly easier to digest.  Subsequently, our ostrich pet treats are ideal for animals with sensitivities to other protein sources, or those with dietary restrictions.  All of our products are grain-free and made without any additives.

AOF congratulates all of the winners of this year’s Pet Independent Innovation Awards!  Check out the complete list of 2021 honorees.

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