American Ostrich Farms is always seeking highly motivated individuals with diverse and exceptional talent who want to join our efforts to build a brighter future through a more sustainable, ethical, and resilient food system.

We recognize that employing a team of people with outstanding skills and expertise is one of the best ways to reveal new opportunities to make an impact and grow our business.  That is why we gladly accept applications even when there's not a specific position open.  If our mission resonates with you and you believe you can make meaningful contributions to the work that we do, we want to hear about it!

Our Departments

Ranch Maintenance & Construction

    Ostrich Production & Livestock Handling

      Product Development & Manufacturing

        Business Management & Administration 

          Sales, Customer Service & Fulfillment

            Marketing, Advertising & Graphic Design 

              Submit your cover letter and resume to or view current openings on LinkedIn and Indeed.

              It will be forwarded to the most appropriate Hiring Manager/s for consideration.