How to Prepare a Whole Rack of Lamb

How to Prepare a Whole Rack of Lamb

Grass-fed American lamb, coveted for its premium quality and exceptional flavor, is widely considered the best money can buy.  It is more tender and much less gamey than lamb imported from Australia and New Zealand.  

Rack of lamb is one of our favorite cuts, because in addition to being superbly delicious, the rack is also extremely versatile.  A rack of lamb comprises eight ribs and offers home chefs several preparation methods.

What's the best cooking method for lamb?

2 racks of lamb togetherRoast as-is as a whole rack of lamb.  The fat cap - the thin marbled piece of meat on top of the rack - keeps everything moist and is a natural way to enhance flavor during cooking.
If you’re feeling fancy, its surprisingly easy to French cut your rack of lamb.  Or you can prepare your own lamb lollipop chops for a quick and delicious meal, sure to leave your family or guests wanting more.



What does it mean for a rack of lamb to be Frenched?

Frenched rack of lamb on platter

A “Frenched” rack of lamb simply means that the thin strips of meat and fat at the end of the bones have been removed.  A French-cut rack of lamb looks extraordinary, and while it may seem intimidating, it's easy to prepare your rack this way at home.  Simply remove the fat cap and trim the bottom 2-2.5" of meat from between each bone.  We've prepared a short video tutorial to show you how, along with expert suggestions for making the most of the fat cap and trimmings.

How do you cut lamb lollipops?

raw rack of lamb sliced into lollipops

Cutting custom lamb lollipops is as easy as slicing through a rack of lamb!  If you plan to cut your rack down into individual chops, there is likely a thin section of bone along the top of the rack that will need to be trimmed away first.  This bone can be easily removed prior to cooking, as demonstrated in our lamb lollipop chop how-to.  After removing the top bone, place your rack of lamb flat on a cutting board and use a knife to slice between each rib to make individual chops.  If you want a double lollipop, just cut between every other bone instead of between every single bone. 


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