Human-Grade Pet Treats

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What are "Human Grade" pet treats?  

"Human grade" pet food is a more specific term than you might think. It actually pertains to the storage, handling, processing and transportation of the feed, but not necessarily the ingredients themselves. The AAFCO, the governing body that regulates the sale and distribution of animal feeds, states "in order for manufacturers to truly put that label on their product they must be human edible and manufactured, packed, and held in accordance with federal regulations."


Are all pet foods human grade? 

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Although "human-grade" labels appear on many pet treats and pet food, that's not always the case. Some companies misbrand their product as "human-grade" under false claims. This is why it's important to research the specific products you purchase for your pets. At AOF, we do not use the claim "Human-Grade" because our pet treats are handcrafted in a different facility than our USDA inspected meat. However the same ostrich meat we produce for human consumption in our USDA inspected facility is used in our line up of ostrich pet treats


What are the benefits of "Human-Grade" pet treats? 

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There has been some back and forth about the health benefits of feeding your furry friend human grade treats. Some say it improves their immune system, contributes to better skin health, and supports a better digestive system. Others say there are no benefits to the label "human-grade" besides peace of mind, due to the fact that it's produced in a more strictly regulated environment. Because the claim of "human-grade" does not necessarily refer to the ingredients, the composition of different products can vary dramatically. While you should consult your veterinarian if you have questions about what to feed your furry friend, a good rule of thumb is to select treats and food that are made with high quality ingredients. 

American Ostrich Farms only harvests meat that is free of trace antibiotics, hormones, and steroids. All of our award-winning pet treats are made with limited ingredients sourced exclusively from our farm to ensure the highest quality. Our treats are also grain-free, preservative free, and do not contain any fillers.

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