Ostrich: A Holiday Gift Guide

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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread cheer than unique and mouthwatering gifts? If you have a serious carnivore or foodie on your list, consider giving the gift of ostrich meat. Lean, flavorful, and sustainable, ostrich meat is a healthy yet indulgent delight. In this holiday gift guide, we've rounded up some fantastic ideas for the meat lover in your life.

Chef Curated Boxes

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Searching for a holiday gift that offers variety? Look no further than our Chef Curated Boxes—gourmet selections that celebrate a diversity of cuts. From succulent steaks that are perfect for festive feasts to tender filets that elevate special occasions, and juicy burger patties that make cozy nights memorable, our gift boxes showcase the rich array of culinary experiences ostrich meat has to offer. Surprise your loved ones this holiday season with the gift of gastronomic exploration. Our Chef Curated Boxes make it easy, with options tailored to different cooking methods and abilities. 

Top Loin 

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A premium cut that makes for a delectable dish, the ostrich top loin is a favorite among professional and home chefs alike. One the most versatile fillets we offer, the top loin can be grilled, marinated & seared, or sous vide for perfectly tender, juicy results. Dress it up with our mushroom port sauce, or savor the naturally rich flavor with a simple pinch of salt and pepper. Either way, you can't go wrong with this classic cut. 

Whole Leg 

whole ostrich leg

This colossal drumstick is guaranteed to steal the spotlight. If you or someone you know is always on the lookout for adventurous eats, we encourage you to give this massive delicacy a try. Our newest and most sought-after item is the perfect addition to any holiday feast. Click here to get the viral ostrich leg recipe, which is brined before smoking, to experience the most juicy, flavorful ostrich for yourself.

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