Benefits of Tendon Chews for Dogs

Benefits of Tendon Chews for Dogs

Ostrich tendons are nutritious, low-fat chew for dogs which help improve dental health as well as mental health by providing plenty of chewing time. Tendons are tough, flexible cords of fibrous collagen tissue that attach muscles to bones. 

What is the healthiest thing for a dog to chew on?

Tendon chews are among one of the healthiest things to chew on according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). Tendon chews are low fat and high in protein and collagen. They help prevent plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth as well. Tendons are high in glucosamine and chondroitin which assist in joint health.

Are Tendon Chews safe for dogs?

Tendons can be a great alternative to harder chews such as bones, which can damage a dog’s teeth if not supervised properly. They’re easy on the digestive tract compared to typical rawhides. For animals that have food allergies or sensitivities, ostrich is typically suitable for their diets but we always suggest talking with your veterinarian before introducing new products to your pet's routine.

What will keep my dog's mind busy?

Chewing on tendons is shown to reduce stress, boredom, and anxiety in our furry friends. The act of chewing is proven to release endorphins in dogs. Always be sure to supervise when giving dogs any kind of treats as nothing is 100% safe from choking hazards. 

Grab your tendons here for dogs of all shapes and sizes! They'll be sure to love them.

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