What Is Ostrich Meat and How Is It Used?

What Is Ostrich Meat and How Is It Used?

One of life's simple pleasures is being able to enjoy a delicious meal. When that meal is sustainable and healthy, it tastes just that much better! 

There are plenty of natural and alternative food sources that you can enjoy. For instance, instead of using potatoes for your french fries, you can make them using lower-calorie, healthier options such as turnips, rutabaga, or sweet potatoes. 

The same can be said for meat. There are plenty of alternatives to red meat that offer you a healthier way of getting the flavors that you love. 

Ostrich meat is one of those many alternatives to traditional beef and pork. The truth is, ostrich meat actually tastes just as good or better than many red meats that you can buy!

If you're interested in healthy living and want to learn more about this incredible red meat substitute, great! Let's dive into everything you need to know about ostrich meat. 

What is Ostrich Meat

Ostriches are large birds that can weigh as much as 250 pounds and can be up to seven feet tall. These birds can't fly, but they can run extremely fast, which enables them to catch food and escape predators. 

Ostriches can be farmed for meat. The meat is found on their hindquarters and on their thighs. Because their meat contains very little fat, it's an extremely healthy choice for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. 

This meat is fairly low calorie, with a standard 4oz serving of meat having only 133 calories. Of those calories, 71 micrograms are cholesterol, 22 grams are protein, and 2.4 grams are fats. 

Ostrich meat is also a great choice for a healthy lifestyle because of the plethora of vitamins and minerals it contains. This meat provides iron, vitamins B12 and B6, riboflavin, thiamin, selenium, niacin, zinc, and phosphorus.

The Ostrich Meat Taste

Ostrich meat, although a bird, does not provide the type of flavor that chicken and turkey do. In fact, this bird tastes much more like beef than it does like other members of the poultry family!

The meat doesn't have a particularly overpowering flavor. That makes it great for testing out marinade recipes or new seasonings. Because it has a more mild flavor, many picky eaters enjoy the taste of ostrich

Ostrich meat makes a great substitute for recipes that call for beef or pork. You can use the meat to cook delectable steaks. Grind it up to use in meatloaf or other recipes that call for ground beef or pork. 

How to Prepare Ostrich Meat

It's actually pretty easy to learn how to cook ostrich meat. This meat is a very lean product so it doesn't shrink as much as beef, chicken or other meats do during the cooking process. 

On top of that, since ostrich meat doesn't have a high-fat content you don't need to drain fats off the meat when you cook it. Instead, you get the most out of the meat without losing volume thanks to fat and water. 

To cook ostrich meat, you can roast, fry, or grill it in the same way that you would cook beef. Ostrich will quickly absorb any marinades or sauces, so you won't need to let it sit for as long when marinating. It will also soak up spices in the same way. Cooking times are generally shorter than those used for beef and other animal-based proteins, due in part to its leanness. Ostrich meat can be eaten rare, and can even be eaten raw as tartare or carpaccio. Cook to an internal temperature of 125F for a rare steak, or to 150F for medium-well. 

Typically, you'll cook your steaks for four minutes per side. However, because of its high iron content ostrich has a much darker color when cooked. Use a meat thermometer to make sure that your meat is done cooking and ready to eat. 

Where and How to Buy Ostrich Meat

Several years ago, it could be very difficult to find ostrich meat. However, more and more ostrich ranches have been appearing over the last decade. That makes it easier to get your hands on this delicious meat. 

You can often find ostrich meat available in health food stores. Gourmet grocers sometimes carry ostrich meat, too. If you're still struggling, it's easy to find ostrich meat for sale on the internet. 

Typically, you can find ostrich meat as ground meat or as steaks. There are more ostrich retailers who will be able to supply you with frozen meat than there are fresh ostrich retailers. This is because the meat needs to be preserved if there isn't a farm nearby. 

Ostriches can actually be grown in many different climates, so there's a good chance that there's an ostrich farm closer by than you might think. Check out butcher shops and farmer's markets to make sure you're not missing out on this incredible meat!

How to Properly Store Ostrich Meat

Once you have your ostrich meat, you need to make sure that you store it properly. After all, there's no point buying meat only to have it spoil a few days later!

If you purchase your meat fresh, you'll want to make sure you use it within the first week. Ostrich meat should be kept refrigerated so that it doesn't spoil. The meat tastes better the sooner you use it, so try not to store it for too long. 

For people who purchase ostrich meat from frozen, you can keep them in an airtight container in the freezer. They can be stored for months at a time, but once they've been removed to thaw the meat will have to be used within five to seven days. 

Get Your Gourmet On With Ostrich Meat

Ostrich meat is a great way to bring a low-fat, rich flavor into your diet. It's the perfect substitute for beef or pork and provides people with a great way of getting the nutrients they need even if they don't typically eat red meat. 


If you're interested in getting started with ostrich meat, head on over to American Ostrich Farms. We've got all sorts of ostrich meats and products that you've simply got to check out!

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