Is Ostrich a Good Meat to Eat?

sliced ostrich roast

You’re probably wondering if ostrich meat is good to eat and what it tastes like.  We’re here to tell you. 

ostrich meat nutrition panel

Ostrich meat is one of the healthiest meats available in the US today.  Ostrich is packed with Protein, Iron and Vitamin B6 all while being low fat with just 2-3g per serving. With ostrich being so lean most would expect it to be tough or gamey.  However it’s quite the opposite; ostrich is tender, juicy and melts in your mouth. Its flavor is more like beef than it is like poultry, and many appreciate its subtle notes of butter and toasted walnuts. 

Is ostrich like chicken? 

Ostriches are poultry in the Ratite family, however the pH of their meat is similar to beef, resulting in a similar color, taste and texture.  You don’t have to worry about cooking ostrich fully like chicken.  The USDA classifies ostrich as a true red meat and recommends that you prepare it as you would beef.  In fact, due to the unique characteristics of ostrich meat, you can even eat it raw, as in tartare or carpaccio.  Ostrich is delicious as medium rare steak and burgers are best prepared no more than medium.

  ostrich burger patties on the grill

I want to try it. Where can I buy ostrich meat in the US? 

Here at American Ostrich Farms, we’re dedicated to serving you and are one of the few hatch to harvest farms in the US.  We pride ourselves on being a true Farm to Table operation.  Because we run our own USDA-inspected processing facility, located right here on the farm, we offer the widest variety of premium ostrich cuts.  Our experienced team cuts and trims each and every item by hand, allowing us to deliver the finest quality ostrich steaks, filets, and other products each and every time you order.  We have everything from ground ostrich burgers to ostrich tip roast, and even award-winning pet treats for your furry friends.  We ship to all 50 states and deliver right to your doorstep!

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