March 2020 Newsletter

March 2020 Newsletter

During this health crisis, we want to thank you for choosing American Ostrich Farms for your preferred source of healthy, sustainable products shipped directly and safely to your door.  

We have received feedback that you would like a subscription ordering option to save you the time spent coming back to our website every week or two to place your orders.  As always, we have listened and hope to have a solution in place next week!  We'll be in touch ;)

AOF Employee Spotlight

Mark joined team AOF in 2018 after a fulfilling 15-year career working in the professional restaurant industry.  Mark was in search of a new challenge and upon learning about AOF's mission of health and sustainability, he jumped at the opportunity to leverage his talents to maximize his impact.  Joining a company with so many opportunities was exactly the type of change Mark was seeking.  Getting innovative, new products out into the world has been an exciting challenge and Mark loves communicating to our customers exactly where our products come from and why.


One of Mark's major responsibilities is making our ostrich oil soaps.  This was something totally new for him and very interesting.  Making a product from scratch and ensuring it makes it all the way to our customers is incredibly gratifying.  Mark loves developing new products and discovering and testing innovative ways to continuously reduce our environmental footprint.  Our use of upcycled and fully recyclable packaging greatly appeals to Mark and he is working hard to continue to take AOF to the next level of responsible resource use.  Listening to current and prospective customers helps Mark to ensure our final products have the same premium underlying quality and outward presentation as the best dishes he's ever created in one of his restaurants.  Keeping a close eye on every piece of inventory - from preparation & quality control, to optimal storage, to meticulous packaging for direct shipment to our customers' doorsteps - is a huge job and one that Mark is hugely passionate about. 

What's happening on the farm.


 Egg Setting Day

A small sample of the eggs going into the incubator. Incubation time for ostrich eggs is 42 days, twice that of chickens.





Natural Weed Control

Spring time brings out all the weeds and these guys are our chemical free solution! They clear the ground to keep ostrich feet comfortable.





Order your holiday ostrich & lamb by Sunday 12/17 to receive your items in time for Christmas dinner.

Please note: Due to UPS & FedEx holiday closures - and to ensure your order arrives in peak condition - frozen products will not ship to Zones 3+ until the week of 11/27.