Ostrich Wings

Like a giant chicken wing - except red meat, of course!  Replace your beloved chicken wings with these and your weekends will never be the same... let alone your super bowl parties ;)  An ostrich wing weighs between 2-3lbs; each wing is cut down to fit in reasonably-sized packages between 16-24oz, so you will receive two pieces in your vacuum-sealed package. 

Humanely raised: fed a vegetarian diet of the highest quality, locally-sourced feeds; no hormones, antibiotics, or anything else that isn't perfectly aligned with human & animal health
All-American: Born, raised, humanely harvested, & packaged in the great state of Idaho upholding the BEYOND ORGANIC standards to which we hold ourselves and strive to continually improve

USDA inspected and flash frozen at peak freshness.

Lemon Pepper Wings: Bigger birds make for bigger wings!  Try THESE on for size at your next party.

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