ostrich eggshell on an acrylic stand with extreme oviduct scarring
side view of ostrich eggshell with moderate oviduct scarring
oviduct scarred ostrich eggshell on side
ostrich eggshell on side
ostrich eggshell on bookshelf

Ostrich Eggshells [Scarred]

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Real, 100% American, ostrich eggs - blown out, sterilized, and with an 11/16" hole on one end. "Oviduct scarred" eggs have unique markings on them that appear on the exterior of the eggshell as it makes it way down the hen's oviduct before it is laid. See size chart, below.



    Ostrich eggshells vary in size, based on the age of the hen, nutrition, and other factors.  We class them into the following categories.

    • Large: Up to 13-14" circumference and 4.5"-5.5" long.
    • Extra Large: 14-16" circumference and 5.5"-6.5" long.
    • Jumbo: Over 15" circumference and over 6.5" long.