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Maintaining egg quality for the full breeding season is a major challenge. Compared with control groups fed alfalfa, barley, and spent brewers' grains, those fed AOF Ostrich Breeder produce dramatically superior results, including improvements in hatchability of up to 400%.  Increased amounts of well-balanced vitamins and trace minerals support development of stronger embryos, and significantly reduce young chick mortality rates.

Feeding Directions: Feed 4-5lbs per bird per day to ostriches 15+ months. Ensure sufficient feeder width so all birds can eat simultaneously and ensure clean water is available at all times.  Distribute into feeders; never onto bare ground. Protect from rain and direct sunlight once distributed, and discard all remaining pellets from previous day before providing fresh feed. As female nutritional needs differ, we recommend supplements at specific points in the season, including offering oyster shell during laying season to increase calcium intake.  Climate and physical environment significantly impact Breeder health & laying cycles; contact us ( to discuss optimizing your supplementation and the periodization thereof.

Product Form & Packagine: 7/32" long cut pellets; 50lb net weight paper sacks, 1-ton palletized totes, or bulk.

Storage: Store in cool (below 80F), clean environment free of moisture, insects, rodents, & pests.  Do not distribute feed with signs of mold or other contamination. Use within one year of manufacturing date.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein: not less than 15%
Lysine: not less than 0.8%
Methionine: not less than 0.3%
Fat: not less than 4%
Fiber: not more than 11%
Calcium: not less than 1.0%
Salt: not less than 0.6%

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