Genuine Ostrich Feathers

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All natural ostrich feathers for wedding centerpieces, decor, crafting, or fly-tying. Each feather has been thoroughly cleaned. Grade C feathers are sold in bulk only (25-30 feathers).


Like the birds themselves, ostrich feathers vary in size, color, and other aspects.  We class them into the following categories.

  • Grade A: Full, fluffy, white feathers, each of these plumes is a stunning example of nature's artwork.
  • Grade B: Fluffy white feathers that are not quite as full as Grade A. 
  • Grade C: Feathers that may be missing the tip, sections of the vane, or with other ‘imperfections’.  This grade can be white, mottled, or off-white.  Sold in bulk (¼ lb, which is approximately 25-30 feathers) these are recommended for fly-tying or other crafts.
  • Boutique: Truly unique plumes, with black or brown coloration intermixed with white.  May have black tips, dark striations, or mottling.