Ostrich liver is similar in taste and texture to beef or bison liver and can be substituted in any liver recipe.  The pure, rich flavor makes a fantastic paté or as part of a sauté.  An ostrich liver weighs 3-5 lbs and we cut these in half to create individual packages averaging 2 lbs.

The highest quality: from aside the spine of the ostrich - tender, glorious rib meat will be yours when you cook slowly, keeping sufficiently moist throughout the journey to your plate.  USDA inspected and flash frozen at peak freshness, we are confident this is the most premium ostrich meat in the world.

Humanely raised: Our birds are fed a vegetarian diet of the highest quality, locally-sourced feeds; no hormones, antibiotics, or anything else that isn't perfectly aligned with human & animal health.

All-American: Born, raised, humanely harvested, & packaged in the great state of Idaho upholding the BEYOND ORGANIC standards to which we hold ourselves and strive to continually improve.

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