100% Pure American Ostrich Oil

A highly moisturizing, anti-inflammatory oil packed with skin-loving Omegas 3, 6, & 9.  Supplements essential fatty acids, hydrates the skin, and increases elasticity, acting as an anti-aging agent that results in skin looking and feeling younger and softer by replenishing the natural fats stored in the skin. 

Ostrich oil can help wounds heal faster, aids in normalization of tissue, prevents and reduces scars and stretch-marks, reduces itching & redness, soothes sunburn, and promotes scalp, hair, and joint health.  Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (does not clog pores), making it a very effective moisturizer for people who suffer from skin problems such as acne or rosacea.  

Although very similar to emu oil, ostrich oil – consisting of over 70% oleic acid and palmitic acid – has higher skin-permeability than emu oil.  Ostrich oil's higher concentration of Omega fatty acids - specifically, Omega 3, allows it to better penetrate and hydrate the skin - enabling superior results.  This superior delivery of nutrients deep into the skin is an essential property for any skincare product, and for this reason, many Japanese skincare companies have switched from adding emu to ostrich oil in their products to ensure that the nutrimental additives in any cosmetic product is able to effectively penetrate into the deeper skin layers.

Our ostrich oil is a whole oil, which undergoes minimal processing during which impurities are removed.  This is a treat for your skin, with Omega 3s, 6s, 9s, and natural fat solids.  Each batch of oil is analyzed by an independent lab to ensure our exceedingly high standards for various fatty acid contents, clean color, lack of odor, and shelf stability.  We feed our ostriches the highest quality, freshest rations possible and this results in the highest quality ostrich oil in the world.  The ostrich has the most advanced immune system of any known animal, and the properties of this oil reflect it.

Apply to dry skin & reapply as often as desired.

All Natural, Single Ingredient: 100% pure ostrich oil.  That's it!  No parabens, phthalates or other additives.

Healthier for you: a deep penetrating moisturizer that is an anti-inflammatory natural transdermal carrier

Healthier for the planet: with a very low carbon footprint, ostriches are the livestock of the future - this incredible oil is just one of many premium products we produce from this amazing animal

Healthier for our animals: we put the birds first - all-vegetarian diet; no hormones or antibiotics EVER and a vegetarian diet of the highest quality feeds

All-American: born, raised, and packaged in Ada County, Idaho

As this product is a whole oil, which undergoes minimal processing (during which impurities are removed).  Ostrich oil has a melting point around 70F, which means it is relatively viscous below that temperature and small fat solids that look like crystals may be present, which quickly dissolve upon skin contact.  This does not hinder performance or absorption, but you may warm the bottle under hot water if you prefer a less viscous experience.

Three Convenient Sizes: 

2 oz: The size for travel, this flight-ready Boston round bottle is made of amber glass that protects the oil from harmful UV rays.  The included black treatment pump is ideal for lotions, oils, and cosmetics.  Width: 1.5" / Height: 4.75"

oz: A great size for moderate daily application, the black pump top on this 4-ounce Boston round bottle smoothly dispenses 0.5 ml per pump.  Classic style and UV protection come courtesy of amber glass construction.  Width: 1.9" / Height: 5.7"

oz: The go-to size for daily application and great value, this 8 oz PET bottle's black pump top dispenses 1.2 ml per pump.  Classic style and UV protection come courtesy of amber PET construction, but since it's not glass, the bottle is unbreakable!  Safe for your shower, or kitchen counter without needing to worry if it might fall and break.  Width: 2.4" / Height: 5.8"

WHY OSTRICH?  It's the most sustainable livestock in the world. Ostrich production requires dramatically less water, land, and feed and they emit only a fraction of the greenhouse gases as traditional livestock.  100% pure ostrich oil is just one of many premium products from this amazing animal - we don't waste ANYTHING.  Click here to visit our WHY OSTRICH page to learn more.

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