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facts about ostrich bones
Why ostrich? High palatability, nutrient dense, easy to digest

Raw Ostrich Bones for Dogs

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Raw, meaty bones your dog will love! Shipped in individual 2-3 lb packages. The length of the bones typically ranges from 3-5" long. 

Keep frozen until feeding and always monitor pet.  Consult a vet for appropriateness, but take heart that this is what dogs' teeth, gums, and digestive systems are designed to eat!

  • These bones are RAW and contain marrow. Please handle the same way you would any other raw meat.
  • Preservative free. Refrigerate between gnawing sessions.

From the Blog:  Are Ostrich Bones Safe for Dogs?

Please Note:  All of our raw, frozen pet products are packaged in a USDA-certified facility, meaning that they are fit for human consumption.  Because, hey, your pet deserves it!