ostrich neck
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raw ostrich heart on bed of greens
raw ostrich liver on bed of greens
Why ostrich? High palatability, nutrient dense, easy to digest

Raw Ostrich Goodie Box for Pets

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Nourish your pets with our Raw Ostrich Goodie Box! Containing USDA-inspected ostrich neck, marrow bones, and organ meats, this nutrient dense and all natural variety pack is perfect for picky palettes, sensitive stomachs, and pets accustomed to a raw diet.

Each box contains approximately 8 lbs of human-grade ostrich meat and bones.

  • Ostrich Neck ( ~1.25-1.75 lbs of 3"-4" pieces): Rich, meaty ostrich neck your dog (or tiger, shark, beastly house cat, etc.) will LOVE. Includes vertebrae, which is quite soft and readily devoured.
  • Ostrich Marrow Bones (~2-3 lbs of 3"-5" pieces): Raw marrow-filled bones for highly satisfying chewing sessions. 
  • Ostrich Heart (~1.25-2 lbs): Packed with nutrients, ostrich heart is similar in taste and texture to beef or bison heart. Sold whole.
  • Ostrich Liver (~2-3 lbs): Like the heart, ostrich liver is a nutrient-dense organ meat that is similar to beef or bison liver.