ground ostrich taco bowl
raw ground ostrich steak with salt and pepper
burger with ostrich steak patty
3 raw ground ostrich steak burger patties
3 ground ostrich steak patties on grill
ground ostrich on paleo sweet potato nachos
ground ostrich steak burger with fries and a salad
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Ground Ostrich Steak

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Our Gourmet Ground Ostrich Steak is extremely versatile and can be substituted in virtually any recipe in place of lean ground beef, venison, bison, turkey, pork, and more.

Most cuts will thaw in the refrigerator within 24 hours. Once thawed, use within 5 days. Unused, uncooked portions may be refrozen within 3-4 days of thawing.

Need it faster? Submerge sealed package in cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes until fully thawed, approx. 1-3 hours. Use immediately & do not refreeze.

While not recommended, you may thaw in the microwave using the defrost setting (microwave ovens vary; refer to your model’s user manual). Use immediately and do not refreeze.


Nutrient-dense ostrich is lower in saturated fat & cholesterol than beef, bison, & deer – even chicken, and packs the most protein & iron per serving. Alpha-Gal safe!


AOF proudly produces the world's finest ostrich meat. Every package is USDA inspected, flash-frozen at peak freshness, & guaranteed free from preservatives, fillers, and hormones.


Our ostriches are ethically raised, humanely harvested, & carefully packaged on our Idaho ranch where we continuously endeavor to lessen our impact on the environment.

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Ground ostrich steak offers a distinct, luxurious flavor that stands out among lean red meats. Its taste is often described as a perfect blend of beef and game, making it a gourmet choice for discerning palates. Its versatility allows it to blend seamlessly with a wide range of cuisines and cooking styles. Use ground ostrich to create more richly flavored, healthier versions of your favorite ground beef, turkey, or pork recipes.

Our ground ostrich is 97% lean, high in iron, and rich in protein, making it a healthier alternative to traditional ground meats. It is also low in cholesterol and packed with essential nutrients like vitamin B12.

This gourmet product is made from whole muscle cuts, ensuring the highest quality with no fillers, preservatives, or other additives. Each 1-pound package of ground ostrich steak is individually sealed, USDA inspected, and flash frozen at peak freshness to preserve its superior taste and texture.

Learn more about how to cook ostrich meat on the blog.


These are a hit with kids, making them a perfect family-friendly treat for Taco Tuesday.


The ultimate passed appetizer or a main course far more sophisticated and flavorful than "meatball" belies.


Our take on this classic, crowd-pleasing sandwich - with a little added kick!


American Ostrich Farms champions responsible red meat consumption & prioritizes humane treatment and sustainable practices. Rooted in authentic All-American values, we deliver exceptional experiences, from packaging to flavor, setting the benchmark in the market. We're more than a meat producer; we're a promise of unmatched quality and a commitment to positive change.