About Us


American Ostrich Farms is committed to bringing Americans the most delicious, healthy, environmentally sustainable red meat around – ostrich!  An unsung hero of protein aficionados everywhere, ostrich looks, feels, and tastes just like a lean filet mignon, but it's far better for you AND the environment.

We were first introduced to ostrich in South Africa while our Founder was training for a full-length Ironman Triathlon.  Eating for health and performance – literally dozens of eggs every day, imported protein powders, and nothing but lean white meats – got really boring, really fast.  One day, craving red meat, we tried ostrich instead of beef.  Our cravings were satisfied and our taste buds couldn't get enough of this delicious meat that tasted almost identical to the finest beef we've ever had.  Beyond the taste, we could barely believe what the nutrition facts were telling us – virtually fat-free and more iron and less cholesterol than any other red meat – beef, bison, duck, pork, etc.  How could that be?!

But it got better.  As we started learning more about this incredible protein source, we realized it wasn't just a healthier red meat, it was also a more sustainable red meat.  Americans' traditional source of red meat – beef – is one of the world's leading causes of deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, ocean dead zones, pollution of our streams and rivers, and loss of fertile topsoil.  Pound for pound, ostrich production requires dramatically less water, less feed, less land, and creates less methane and less waste than any other red meat on the market.

We are passionate about this remarkable animal and hope to transform the way Americans think about red meat, starting with our first farm – a 120-acre property just outside of Boise, Idaho.  Consistent with the fundamental characteristics of ostrich, our family is committed to upholding animal husbandry standards that promote the highest standards of animal and environmental welfare, including no hormones or antibiotics ever.  We trace our products from farm to table and our all-American supply chain supports American farmers and local communities.

Join us in the new red meat revolution – pick ostrich.



Alexander McCoy is our Founder & Chief Executive. 

An Idaho native, Alexander spent his early career in investment banking and venture capital before moving to India, South Africa, and Brazil for various roles in finance. In South Africa, Alexander first discovered ostrich -- the perfect food for a lifelong carnivore, athlete, and health nut concerned about the impact his meat-loving ways were having on the environment. Alexander was fascinated by how widespread ostrich farming was in South Africa and immediately saw an enormous opportunity for the animal to transform the way Americans think about red meat back home in the U.S.

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