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Ostriches are most vulnerable in their first few months of life and proper nutrition is essential. Digestibility is particularly critical for young chicks, whose stomachs are small, immature, & highly sensitive to minerals and micro nutrients.  Even with an excellent rearing environment and world-class husbandry techniques, ostriches' ability to thrive in the first three months is largely determined by their feed.

Feeding Directions: Feed free-choice to newly hatched ostriches until 2-3 months of age or a height of two feet, whichever comes first.  Numerous feeders should be made available so newly hatched, disoriented chicks easily find feed.  Ensure clean water is available at all times in vessels with openings too narrow for a chick to fall in.  Each chick should consume approximately 100lbs of feed in its first three months of life.  Additional feeding modification and/or supplementation may be necessary for specific environments.  Contact us ( for assistance constructing an optimal complete feeding regimen.

Product Form & Packaging: 5/32" short-cut pellets; 50lb net weight paper sacks or 1-ton palletized totes.

Storage: Store in cool (below 80F), clean environment free of moisture, insects, rodents, & pests.  Do not distribute feed with signs of mold or other contamination. Use within one year of manufacturing date.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein: not less than 19%
Lysine: not less than 1.0%
Methionine: not less than 0.4%
Fat: not less than 2.8%
Fiber: not more than 7%
Calcium: not less than 1.1%
Salt: not less than 0.3%

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