founder Alex McCoy with group of female ostriches


Texas Style, Spicy Steak Chili

 A whole muscle cut chili based on an award-winning recipe from our Founder's mom, Cindy McCoy!

Sweet and Spicy Ostrich Chili
Ground ostrich steak, a perfect spice blend and a touch of sweetness combine for a unique and delicious chili you don't want to miss!
Instant Pot Ostrich Chili
Slow cooked for a robust flavor, this chili is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Spicy Ostrich Burger
This spicy burger turns up the heat and the flavor! 
The Buffalo Bird Burger (The triple B)
The Triple B is a new twist on the classic combination of buffalo sauce and blue cheese.  This spicy ostrich burger turns up the heat and FLAVOR.  If you like buffalo wings, you're going to love this burger!
The BBQ O Burger

Tangy BBQ sauce and crispy onions give this ostrich burger a unique and delicious twist!